Industry Led Training
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What type of skills and competencies do you need for roles in your organization?  The Aerospace Assemblers program enables companies to provide your expertise and experience to guide and shape the curriculum and practicum of this OAC-OMLC industry-led, industry-defined training program.  This program is funded in part by the Ontario Government, Youth Skills Development Initiative to assist young people 18-29 who are unemployed and underemployed, to find good jobs that lead to enduring, successful careers.  Training includes classroom training by industry experts followed by hands-on shop floor training within the participating companies. 

This hands-on method of training has a number of advantages:

  • Prospective employees learn the trade and your corporate culture simultaneously, giving you capable, productive employees ready to make money for your organization.
  • Course criteria & content are developed with input from industry experts.
  • Proven & reliable – 90% success rate in the CNC and Assemblers programs to date– low risk.
  • Low cost – lower hiring and training costs, up to 40-50% lower than normal.

Aerospace Assembler Program

The Structural Airframe Assembler program, launched in the spring of 2015 at MHI Canada Aerospace, boasts 48 graduates, another 22 trainees in the shop floor phase, plus 24 who entered classroom phase June 2016.   Our next group of trainees will commence in Fall 2016.

Member companies who have participated in Structural Aerospace Assembler program include:


CNC Machinists Program

This program was created in response to reports from industry about the challenges they faced in hiring qualified CNC operators. Participating sectors are aerospace, tooling and machining and nuclear. The project team through the Ontario Manufacturing Learning Consortium has established a comprehensive program to select, train and certify trainees in Ontario based companies.  This program has over 100 graduates who are now valued employees.

Member companies who have participated in the CNC Machinists program include:

To learn more or participate in these great programs, contact our OAC team to find out more about a program designed to provide the skills you need:

Marlene Conway-Diels:  905-772-3573