Marsh Brothers Aviation Hires Ex-Comtek Founder As New General Manager
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Marsh Brothers Aviation Hires Ex-Comtek Founder As New General Manager

Terry McGowan, President and CEO of the Thomson-Gordon Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Whyte as the General Manager of Marsh Brothers Aviation (MBA).  Mr. Whyte has an extensive background in the aerospace industry as an engineering leader and business executive with companies such as Bell Helicopter and Field Aviation. He co-founded Comtek Advanced Structures until its sale to Avcorp Industries. Comtek was an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and repair of aircraft structures made from advanced composite materials. Mr. Whyte will apply his broad experience in aircraft design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, modification and conversion to the growth and development of MBA. He will leverage the polymer and bearing expertise of its sister company, Thordon Bearings Inc. to the aircraft industry to create a technology-driven provider of innovative, non-metallic solutions. 

About Marsh Brothers Aviation

Marsh Brothers Aviation is part of the Thomson-Gordon Group, a Canadian manufacturer of bearings, seals and engineered mechanical components for diverse global markets since 1911. This connection provides access to superior engineering, manufacturing and state-of-the-art R&D facilities that encourage innovation and the delivery of high performance products and quality service.  Marsh Brothers Aviation brings the expertise of the Thomson-Gordon Group to the aircraft industry with a focus on the innovative development and supply of high performance parts and service, initially to general aviation aircraft, but with the intention to expand into the transport category aircraft market.

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