Manitoba Aerospace Association and Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council Amalgamate
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Manitoba Aerospace Association and Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council Amalgamate

Winnipeg, MB – March 7, 2016  Manitoba Aerospace Association (MAA) and Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council (MAHRC) are pleased to announce their amalgamation.  Effective April 1, 2016, the new organization will be called Manitoba Aerospace, Inc. (MAI) and will provide all the programs and services currently delivered through the two organizations.

Kim Olson, President of the MAA says “the amalgamation will benefit our members, and the entire aerospace community. There will be an efficiency of stewardship of our resources, better economies of scale, and most of all – a stronger, more robust organization, with one strong voice for the Manitoba aerospace industry.”

“MAA & MAHRC have been working closely together for 24 years to foster the growth of the aerospace industry and to provide the skilled workforce it requires. MAI will build on the foundation that the two organizations have established and grow to meet the future needs of the aerospace industry” says Greg Anderson, Chair of the MAHRC Executive.

Wendell Wiebe, the current Executive Director and GM of MAHRC will become the acting Chief Executive Officer of the new corporation, and the new board of directors will consist of:

*Greg Anderson B/E Aerospace* Don Boitson Magellan Winnipeg* Leslie Galbraith Argus Industries* Bob Hastings Pointman Canada* Mike McCartan KF Aerospace Defense Program* Wayne McLeod Keewatin Air* Kim Olson StandardAero* Udaya Silva B/E Aerospace* Leo Sousa Cormer Group Industries* Daniel Verreault GE* Kim Westenskow Boeing Canada

The MAA is a membership based, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support and promote the aerospace industry through business development activities and human resource initiatives. The association encourages industry and government partnering on a variety of issues aimed at growing the industry worldwide. MAHRC is committed to facilitating positive change in Manitoba’s aerospace sector and beyond in the area of training and human resources services by working with industry, individuals, institutions and governments.

For further information on the MAA or MAHRC, please visit our website at

For information: Mr. Kim Olson or Mr. Greg Anderson President Chair Manitoba Aerospace Association Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council  Ph. 204-318-7820 Ph. 204-594-5237