TrueNorth Selected to Develop Combined Router/WAP for Bendixking Aerowave
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TrueNorth Selected to Develop Combined Router/WAP for Bendixking Aerowave 100 High-Speed Internet System

ORLANDO & OTTAWA—26 APR 2016 - TrueNorth Avionics reported today that BendixKing, a division of Honeywell, has selected the company to develop the AeroWave™ Router, a mini-router/wireless access point (WAP) for the BendixKing AeroWave™ 100 High-Speed Internet System. Lightweight, the new router weighs just half a pound, fits in the palm of your hand, and is designed to allow GA aircraft passengers and pilots to use their own phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi devices in-flight.

“We are enthusiastic about the AeroWave 100 system, offering an innovative solution for the general aviation market, and this great opportunity to work with BendixKing in providing new airborne communications functionality to an underserved aircraft category,” said Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth CEO. “As part of the system, our integrated mini-router/wireless access point brings communications capabilities previously reserved for long-range aircraft into the cabins of light aircraft like Cessna Citations and Bombardier Learjets. With certified Wi-Fi people can stay connected inflight.”

As part of the AeroWave 100 system, the AeroWave Router enables certified Wi-Fi on light, very light and medium jet and turboprop aircraft. Weighing-in at about half a pound, the router is a small, compact component that will offer VVIP level communications capabilities. The router comes with an installation kit and an externally mounted antenna, and is compatible with TrueNorth’s external Wi-Fi antenna. In addition, users can use TrueNorth’s MyStylus App to make calls from their own personal iOS and Android smartphones.

About TrueNorth: We design and build the technology that powers the connected aircraft and addresses the rapidly changing landscape of mobile devices today and into the future. We are trusted by more Fortune 100 business jet operators for inflight communications systems than any other, and leading avionics manufacturers rely on our expertise to enable their own connectivity systems. Optelity, our newest product family is the ultimate in upgradable, while our flight deck communication systems enable safety and efficiency. With effortless connectivity for smart phones and other mobile devices, our systems deliver high fidelity voice, GSM, Wi-Fi, and enterprise E-mail capabilities. Only TrueNorth provides app-based, ready-to-upgrade solutions that empower people to stay connected to what matters, whenever and wherever they have to fly. Connections made simple for ten years. Visit TrueNorth at