TEAL GROUP's Market Impact Presentations
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TEAL GROUP offers market intelligence on how the global COVID-19 pandemic will impact the aerospace industry.

How will the global pandemic impact the aerospace industry? Both civil and military sectors will experience effects from COVID-19, but in different ways and to different degrees.

In response to this rapidly evolving challenge, TEAL GROUP has prepared two presentations that address how market fundamentals are changing and what we can expect.

Please download these presentations at no charge:

  • COVID-19 And Civil Aviation Markets: A Bit Like Falling Off A Cliff, Only Without the Nice View (Updated April 6th)
  • COVID-19 And Military Aerospace Markets: The Closest The Industry Has To A Safe Haven

Full details below with download links:

COVID-19 And Civil Aviation Markets
Damage will be substantial with major adjustments to the market's outlook.  The following segments are addressed:
  • Twin aisle jetliners
  • Single aisle jetliners
  • Business jets
  • Civil Rotorcraft
  • Military Programs
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COVID-19 And Military Aerospace Markets
The impact may be less severe to the military side, but there are risks. The following issues are addressed:
  • Budgets
  • Markets
  • Programs
  • Companies
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