Established in 1993, the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC), a not-for-profit organization, is comprised of over 200 member companies, representing over 70% of the Ontario aerospace industry employment base and spans all tiers, business activities and sizes.

Our purpose is to enhance recognition of Ontario’s capabilities as a leader in global aerospace markets and work together to build greater expertise to assure continued growth and prosperity. OAC fosters relationships between all stakeholders: industry, academia, researchers, governments and associations to gather and share industry intelligence, identify and facilitate funding as well as being an active catalyst for industry growth.


OAC is pleased to present:  
at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Our Panel:

  • Richard Aboulafia, Teal Group
  • Ron Epstein, Bank of America Merrill-Lynch
  • Peter Hall, EDC
  • Kevin Michaels, Aerodynamic Advisory

Hear from these highly respected experts in the aerospace industry.  Learn about current trends, forecasts, aviation information and data covering commercial, defense, business and regional markets and MRO.

Participate in discussion with the panel.  Enjoy networking opportunities with our guest speakers, your customers and colleagues.

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